• The past few years have thrown us all into a loop – impacting ad revenue and yield. Here’s the thing – we look at seasonality for our yearly projections. No one could have predicted the pandemic or how it would have such an impact on the entire world even after it ended, much less the [...]

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    Online ads are a great way for online publishers to grow their audience; they can place ads on other sites, or monetize the audience they have by running other sites’ ads. Whether it's a site about entertainment news or a B2B blog on business phone systems, ads are a nice complement to the organic SEO [...]

  • Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who view one page and then leave the website. A single-page session. By being able to recognize, diagnose and implement improvements for high bounce rate pages, you'll see engagement metrics for your site increase. A high bounce rate can indicate poor user experience, slow load times, or [...]

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    Not so long ago, businesses realized their websites would be the first place customers interacted with their brands. So they optimized their websites to create an excellent experience for customers, leads, and casual browsers alike. Things have changed since then. A Pew Research study discovered that 85% of Americans now own smartphones. According to data compiled [...]

  • Images contextualize content and improve the user experience, making them essential for an effective SEO strategy. While there are many aspects of image optimization, today we're focusing specifically on how to use images to better your website UX. Fun Fact: WordPress touts 70 million new posts are published each month on their platform alone. Yep, [...]

  • By Brian Weiss & Andy Forwark Freestar’s Page Speed Optimization Suite gives publishers an advantage in Google search results by delivering an optimal user experience as measured by Google and by site audiences.This product often comes with a tradeoff in revenue, especially in the short term, but there’s a caveat and that’s sustained and increasing [...]