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Header Bidding

Experiencing low ad yield? Lack of transparency? Unoptimized demand? Our header bidding solution enables publishers to open up their ad inventory for bidding by multiple demand partners in real-time. But that’s just the start, we’ve built multiple optimization features to maximize yield.

What to Expect From Your Header Bidding Ad Stack

All-In-One Solution With Everything You Need


Freestar offers several types of display ads such as native, high impact, sticky footer, banner and sidebar to help maximize your ad revenue.


The mobile app landscape is complex and can be difficult to navigate. With our in-app monetization, we make it easy to get started.


Our AMP monetization specialists create effective ways for publishers to monetize their inventory and deliver great yield from each ad impression.


Uncover additional revenue potential with email monetization. Create effective programmatic campaigns that scale across multiple devices with a built-in audience.


Our ad ops experts work with you to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the latest industry best practices, yield and audience development strategies.

Choose a Solution that Works for You


The best option for small to medium publishers looking for a fully managed service
  • Support from our Account Management and Yield Team

  • Access to all our products including Web, AMP and so much more
  • Monitor using real-time unified analytics dashboard

  • Exclusive workshops and content from our Audience Development team
  • Access to Freestar demand


The best option for large publishers with an existing ad ops team and looking to scale their ad stack
  • Dedicated Account and Yield Manager

  • Plug and play our features including Web, AMP, etc. based on how it works best for you and your website

  • Monitor using real-time unified analytics dashboard

  • Exclusive workshops and content from our Audience Development team
  • Access to Freestar demand


What are the requirements to become a Freestar publisher?2022-12-09T17:07:49-05:00

Freestar accepts publishers of all sizes and categories, but typically we require publishers to have a minimum of 1,000,000 pageviews monthly.

How do you make publishers more money and how do your payments work?2022-12-09T17:05:50-05:00

We help publishers make more money through optimizations including flooring algorithms, real-time segmented reporting, demand connections, and our consultative approach, just to name a few.

For payments, we streamline the revenue collection process by sending you a single payment from all demand sources on time every time.

What’s the onboarding and implementation process like?2022-12-09T17:06:05-05:00

Our onboarding process, from kick-off call to launch, takes approximately three to six weeks. Publishers are partnered with an onboarding manager to get their site ready to test, fully optimized, and ready to launch.

Our code is lightweight and easy to install. We do the heavy lifting in terms of demand approvals, ad operations, and QA testing. All that is required of our App Developers is to implement our lightweight SDK.

Can I block categories or specific advertisers?2023-04-03T15:36:13-05:00

Yes, you can block categories and specific advertisers. Freestar offers several blocklist options to our publishers.

Do I receive technical support?2022-12-09T17:06:38-05:00

Yes! The Freestar team is comprised of skilled developers and technical analysts working alongside your dedicated account manager to resolve any issues as they arise. Freestar also offers bespoke consultancy to suit your specific business needs surrounding AMP and Prebid development and monetization strategy.

Since the beginning, we’ve been Publisher First


“Freestar really knows their stuff, not just about ad ops and yield, but in related areas like page speed metrics and content recommendation platforms. They’ve been a trustworthy and reliable partner that has helped us evolve. Freestar has over-delivered for us. We look forward to working with them for a long time.”

HomeLife Media
“Freestar has such a friendly, professional team. My account team has made me feel comfortable asking questions and has really helped me better understand how our ads work and what we can do to improve on our end. With their input, I feel much more confident about managing our content in a way that will (hopefully!) promote growth.”
1001 Free Fonts

“Freestar has been a refreshing partnership for us as they are truly invested in our positive results. We feel support by our team at Freestar and look forward to a bright future of continual growth working with them.”

OOO Media

“I appreciate how responsive the team has been in terms of catering to my unique needs. Often the problem with large monetization networks is a one-size-fits-all solution.”

Let’s Make Things Happen

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