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A Positive (Fully Remote) Company Culture Is The Foundation Of Freestar’s Business

We know co-workers don’t have to be best friends, but many of us are. We celebrate our wins together and encourage each other through our challenges. One of our core values, We Not Me, flows through every aspect of our business, including how we work cohesively as a team. In our actions, we try to encourage a “we” organization instead of a “they” organization. Our hope is that every one of our employees comes to our virtual work environment every day accepting of new challenges, eager to learn from talented coworkers, and motivated to get 1% better every week. If this resonates with you, let’s talk.

Freestar’s Benefits

Generous Flexible Time Away Policy

100% Remote Culture

Continuing Education Opportunities

Casual Dress Code

401(k) Match and Immediate Vesting

Transparency from the Top-Down

Medical, Dental and Vision Plans

The Chance to be Part of Something BIG

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Employee Testimonials

Some quotes from our “Best Places To Work” survey.

Submitted Anonymously

“The best place I’ve worked in my work career. The senior staff is fair, approachable and they have demonstrated that they care about their team members. I feel like a team with my coworkers and there is a lot of comraderies even though most of us are remote. They give us a chance to be truly collaborative and vocal about things. The company off-sites are fun and meaningful instead of boring presentations and inflated egos that I’m previously used to.”


Anonymous Painter

“More so than any other company I’ve worked for, there’s a perceptible shared feeling that we have a chance to build this company into something great. That feeling is a motivator to myself and others to continue pushing through the difficulties we face. I feel like I make a difference here – that my contributions have been and continue to be important to the company’s trajectory. My boss and others in senior leadership thank us regularly for our work, and ensure we’re aware of how much we’re valued. It’s clear that top to bottom, people here care.”


Anonymous Writer

“Freestar values their employees and care what they have to say. We are encouraged to step up and share new ideas or improvements to processes, etc. They allow you to advance your career or discuss other internal roles if that’s what makes sense. I’ve been an employee for a year now and have seen several individuals get promoted and in some cases switch to a completely different area of the business. ”


Anonymous Golfer

“Day one, I was told, “there are no egos here” and you can really see how much of our growth is a direct correlation to members on the team caring about the work, caring about the company, and caring about each other. It’s a happy and healthy place to work and leadership treats us right. There’s no gossip, no complaints, no this or that, just a good days work with a place that is family for so many of us.”


Anonymous Photographer

“Freestar is a job, but most of the time it doesn’t feel like a job. I come to work every day to face new challenges and almost always learn something new along the way. I get to work with some of the best people in the industry, and egos never get in the way here. I’m very proud of this company, and can’t wait to continue growing with it.”


Anonymous Dancer

“The culture and leadership at Freestar is night and day compared to the last company I worked at. Coming from a toxic company allowed me to truly appreciate the leadership here, mostly regarding the inclusion, equal opportunity, transparency, room for growth, allowance of opportunity, and culture to name a few. We celebrate, we recognize, we reward, we appreciate, we learn, we share and we grow. We’re all dedicated to getting better, but getting better together. I’ll never work somewhere that feels like home like I do here, so I intend to appreciate this journey while I’m on it.”


Anonymous Hiker