Audience Development

Traffic plays an important part in the ad revenue equation and that’s why we’ve made it one of the key components of our publisher relationship. Freestar invests in SEO and audience experts because we care about the long-term business growth of your company.

What our publishers have to say


“I’m a pretty harsh grader so I’ve never given a 10 before, but I can’t imagine getting better support and results from Wariana, Nikita, and the rest of the Freestar team. I appreciate that Freestar helps us out with thorny issues like SEO and the transition to the new Google Analytics. And the concern for user experience – a priority for us – is much appreciated as well.”

“Our transition from Sortable has been very smooth. I like how Freestar has implemented some additional community and support features, especially Facebook and Slack support, and the Zoom sessions on SEO. These features help both the publishers and Freestar, so it truly feels like we are working together.”

“I sound like a broken record by now, but good results matched with a highly responsive team (shoutout Kevin and Kaloyan, especially), with value adds like access to actionable SEO guidance – what’s not to like?”

Growing Traffic the Right Way

Our team specializes in building audiences that advertisers are interested in buying. Audiences that monetize well and come from diversified sources. Audiences that have a true interest in the content. We focus on 6 specific areas of audience development.

Industry Knowledge, Global Expertise

Intentional Strategies for Quality Traffic






Curated Audiences


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