Need a boost from your Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) revenues or need to implement a cutting-edge upgrade to your ad stack? Our AMP monetization technology creates effective ways for publishers to monetize their inventory and deliver great yield from each ad impression.

What to Expect From Your AMP Ad Stack

Delivering Publishers the Best Results

Full AMP Demand Ad Stack

Our easy-to-implement code connects your AMP traffic to the highest-yielding demand sources around the world.

Real-Time Dynamic Floor Pricing

Our flooring technology pushes up the overall eCPM to ad requests using AI and machine learning to generate the most revenue inside the auction. It essentially trains the buyers to bid higher on your inventory.

Optimized AMP Code

By working with you to identify and understand your audience demand, we’re able to program your content onto the right channel at the optimum price at the right time. We have AMP optimized server-side bidding enabled to deliver higher yields for publishers, with high quality ad units in front of consumers, from advertisers wanting to pay higher rates.

Reporting and Analytics

The missing piece of the puzzle for a lot of publishers is transparent and powerful reporting that is simple and easy to understand. We’ve developed comprehensive reporting to deliver fast and easy to access information when you need it the most.

In-House AMP Experts

Friction can also be created in code whether you’re aware of it or not, that’s where our technical support team comes into play. We have a wealth of experience in developing in-house custom AMP tech and troubleshooting. So, whatever questions or problems you have we are here to help every step of the way.

An AMP Solution that Works for You

With a full stack of tools and insights, we empower publishers of all sizes to create dramatic revenue growth across their AMP inventory.


The best option for small to medium publishers looking for a fully managed service
  • Support from our Account Management and Yield Team

  • Access to all our products including Web, AMP and so much more
  • Monitor using real-time unified analytics dashboard

  • Exclusive workshops and content from our Audience Development team
  • Access to Freestar demand


The best option for large publishers with an existing ad ops team and looking to scale their ad stack
  • Dedicated Account and Yield Manager

  • Plug and play our features including Web, AMP, etc. based on how it works best for you and your website

  • Monitor using real-time unified analytics dashboard

  • Exclusive workshops and content from our Audience Development team
  • Access to Freestar demand


Can I deliver directly sold campaigns to AMP?2022-12-18T23:29:00-05:00

Yes, you can! Contact our team for more information.

What are the requirements to become a Freestar publisher?2022-12-09T17:07:49-05:00

Freestar accepts publishers of all sizes and categories, but typically we require publishers to have a minimum of 1,000,000 pageviews monthly.

How do you make publishers more money and how do your payments work?2022-12-09T17:05:50-05:00

We help publishers make more money through optimizations including flooring algorithms, real-time segmented reporting, demand connections, and our consultative approach, just to name a few.

For payments, we streamline the revenue collection process by sending you a single payment from all demand sources on time every time.

What’s the onboarding and implementation process like?2022-12-09T17:06:05-05:00

Our onboarding process, from kick-off call to launch, takes approximately three to six weeks. Publishers are partnered with an onboarding manager to get their site ready to test, fully optimized, and ready to launch.

Our code is lightweight and easy to install. We do the heavy lifting in terms of demand approvals, ad operations, and QA testing. All that is required of our App Developers is to implement our lightweight SDK.

Can I block categories or specific advertisers?2023-04-03T15:36:13-05:00

Yes, you can block categories and specific advertisers. Freestar offers several blocklist options to our publishers.

Do I receive technical support?2022-12-09T17:06:38-05:00

Yes! The Freestar team is comprised of skilled developers and technical analysts working alongside your dedicated account manager to resolve any issues as they arise. Freestar also offers bespoke consultancy to suit your specific business needs surrounding AMP and Prebid development and monetization strategy.

“We didn’t optimize AMP before which resulted in over 33% AMP revenue in 30 days. I am delighted with Freestar and the results they have generated, and I would recommend others to get an audit of their ad stack and see what results they can get for you!”

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