• May was a challenging month for Google. The launch of AI Overviews didn't go as planned, and a set of Search API documents were leaked, revealing over 14,000 top-secret factors used in their search algorithms. Several industry experts like Mike King, Rand Fishkin and Danny Goodwin have provided helpful recaps, but these can be highly [...]

  • Remote work has been accelerating all over the world. Entire industries can now successfully operate within a remote-workforce. Most professionals are seeking out jobs that allow the flexibility to work outside of a traditional office environment.  Freestar is fortunate enough that our work does not need to be done in a specific place to be [...]

  • Don’t know a CPM from a CMP? Wondering how an ad network is different from an ad server? Well, we’re not going to answer all of your burning terminology questions here, but we’ll tackle a handful in this article.  We’re always publishing subsequent articles to help explain the various terms that float around the digital [...]

  • Email monetization is a hot topic right now. Email newsletters are something that established media brands, bloggers, social media influencers, eCommerce retailers, and even independent journalists have been investing in as a promotional tool for years. It’s also something that has allowed businesses in all industries to generate brand awareness and drive traffic.  However, email [...]

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    Being on the Business Development team, I have the opportunity to meet with a lot of publishers across various verticals. I talk with them to understand what solution Freestar offers that would improve and maximize their ad management. One of the most frequently asked questions is around RPM, specifically, why can't we guarantee how much [...]

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    The Game Haus was a happy accident. Robert Hanes, CEO and Founder of The Game Haus, hosted a Sunday night sports radio talk show in college and from there, it grew to be an international media outlet covering the latest news in MLS, MLB, NASCAR, NFL, NHL and even Esports like Call of Duty, League [...]