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    Next week, Google Analytics Universal will stop tracking new data. For the past year, many publishers have been running code for both GA-UA and the new system Google Analytics (GA4). GA4 is the latest version of Google's web analytics platform, officially launched in October 2020.  What is happening to Universal Analytics? Google Analytics 3 (also [...]

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    It is no secret that there are a lot of different variables that you need to measure to ensure that your ad revenue is on track and optimized to drive your business forward. In our opinion, too many of these variables are hidden in the dreaded “black box” — which is how we came up [...]

  • In this post we will attempt to answer the commonly asked question, "Why did my CPMs suddenly drop?" It’s no secret that seasonality plays a large role in the digital advertising industry and has a direct impact on CPM performance. However, it is important to note that a site’s CPMs can fluctuate due to a [...]

  • Price floors have been around since the inception of programmatic advertising. Publishers and their ad operations teams put price floors in place to increase revenue for highly viewable inventory, increase competition between bidders, and help mitigate ad fraud. Using price floors to combat fraud, however, goes hand-in-hand with the long-held belief that ad fraud is perpetrated mostly [...]

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    How much revenue is my site really making? It’s an elusive question for publishers of all sizes as they navigate the complex digital landscape. An entire economy has bloomed around the digital advertising world over the last decade as media buyers, agencies and publishers pieced together "solutions" with no real master plan in mind. This haphazard [...]