• We value the publishers we work with. When we see them succeed, we know we’ve done our part in helping them get there. When publishers choose to work with Freestar, they do so because of our leading-edge ad monetization technology, insightful reporting and analytics, and our team of Ad Ops experts. In this blog, we're [...]

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    While programmatic advertising has become incredibly advantageous in the digital advertising world, it still faces its own set of obstacles that can get in the way of real-time bidding.Arguably, the biggest obstacle standing in the way for both advertisers and publishers is ad fraud.Ad fraud is becoming increasingly problematic for all parties involved in digital [...]

  • By Brian Weiss, Solutions Architect at FreestarThe era of video growth is upon us and it's causing publishers to rethink their content and monetization strategies. Given the changes to smartphones, tablets and streaming services, many people are no longer limited to watching video on TV.According to Deloitte, the proportion of U.S consumers who pay for [...]

  • By Brian Weiss & Andy Forwark Freestar’s Page Speed Optimization Suite gives publishers an advantage in Google search results by delivering an optimal user experience as measured by Google and by site audiences.This product often comes with a tradeoff in revenue, especially in the short term, but there’s a caveat and that’s sustained and increasing [...]

  • By: Laura Gaffney, SVP of Business Development & Marketing Preparing You for MCM As a Freestar publisher leveraging Freestar’s AdX, you are active via a Google Scaled Partner Manager (SPM) account. Starting on Sept. 30, Google is phasing out SPM and replacing it with Multiple Customer Management (MCM). Since last year Google has been rolling [...]

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    By Saad Bennani, Business Development Representative What is a Blocklist? Fundamentally, a Blocklist is a collection of websites, apps, or brands publishers do not want appearing on their website. Publishers have a responsibility to their online community, and blocklists can help prevent any unwanted ads from appearing on their website. Freestar has the knowledge and [...]