Freestar’s app mediation platform gives you the power to maximize ad revenue while freeing up time to focus on what you do best — build great app experiences. Our white-glove service brings a team of Ad Tech experts to your business without the in-house overhead. Our SDK is lightweight, demand agnostic, and leverages our proprietary auction technology maximizing the value of every impression.

What to Expect From Your App Ad Stack

01. Flexible Demand

We customize and build the ideal ad stack for your app by utilizing the perfect set of demand sources.

06. Smart Fetch Technology

We reduce latency by storing ads in the background, so they are ready to deliver based on your business rules.

05. Unified Reporting

We provide a one-stop shop for performance across your apps and demand partners in a unified dashboard.

02. Universal Auction & Bidding

Our technology brings the most efficient auction to your inventory, increasing competition between demand partners and driving revenue to your apps.

03. White Glove Service

We bring a team of Ad Tech experts to your business that are focused on increasing your ad revenue. Our team lives and breathes Ad Tech and brings that knowledge to yield optimization, engineering support and account management.

04. Ease of Implementation

Implementing the Freestar SDK is simple and takes care of all your demand needs. Plus, our support engineers are on standby if you have any questions.

Next Level Efficiency with our Universal Auction and Bidding Technology

Our automated auction dynamics with Universal Auction and Bidding replaces the traditional hybrid ad-stack, diminishes operational overhead and increases eCPM by 20-30%.

Unlock Revenue Potential with our Demand Partners.

We customize the demand stack to meet your needs striking a balance between client-side and server-side demand integrations. Our reach enables us to negotiate revenue shares with our 25+ demand partners that are on average 10% higher.

Discover how our app mediation platform is an all-in-one solution for developers.

And so many more!

Our Supported Ad Formats

Full-Screen Interstitial
300×250 Banner
320×50 Banner
Rewarded Video



How do your payments work?

We streamline the revenue collection process by sending you a single payment from all demand sources on time every time.

Do you support video on app?

Rewarded Video, Interstitial Video, Pre-Roll – we do it all when it comes to your video monetization needs.

How difficult is the implementation?

Our code is lightweight and easy to install. We do the heavy lifting in terms of demand approvals, ad operations, and QA testing. All that is required of our App Developers is to implement our light-weight SDK.

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