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    November 5th may be the Super Bowl of the Election, but the election season starts long before then. Super Tuesday, a day on which a dozen-plus states will hold their primaries, is March 5th. By the end of March, more than 50% of delegate-related events will have taken place. And then it's off to the [...]

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    Five large-scale Google algorithm updates have occurred in the past three months, possibly breaking some kind of record. This year seems to be the culmination of the broad themes from the last decade of SEO advice, converging in a combined fruition. Publishers are now compelled to adhere to the principles of quality content, user experience [...]

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    As part of Freestar’s commitment to helping our partners improve their ad monetization, and prepare for a cookieless future, we closely partner with data collaboration platform, LiveRamp. One of LiveRamp’s core capabilities is enabling advertisers to reach their audiences wherever they’ve authenticated, and deliver personalized experiences that deepen valuable customer relationships - thereby increasing the [...]

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    Earlier this year, the Association of National Advertisers released a report revealing that MFA websites account for 15% of all annual ad impressions. This translates to approximately $13 billion wasted on media campaigns running on platforms designed solely for advertising purposes. While the existence of these substandard MFA websites is nothing new, recent developments, including [...]

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    As the summer rolls on, August content trends are consumed by back-to-school, last-minute trips, and outdoor activities. One step closer to Fall, August gives us the last few weeks before vacations end, and out in the not-so-far distance, we can see Q4 around the corner.Depending on what part of the world you’re in, August still [...]

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    July kicks off the start of Q3, hard to believe! Summer months can be a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to both website traffic and advertising budgets, making it hard to know exactly what to expect. July falls smack in the middle of what certain publishers consider the “summer slump.” For verticals [...]