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    January is a challenging revenue month for almost all publishers. Coming off of Q4, when advertiser spend is at its highest and people are online, scrolling through webpages with intent to purchase. But the high-traffic, high-CPMs of November and December are followed by typically the lowest in January. The drop is largely because advertisers pump [...]

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    This Wednesday several hundred of our closest enterprise publisher friends will join together to run down the list of SEO trends to focus on this next year. And just like all trends, they wouldn't be so unless a substantial amount of noise and adoption hadn't already happened. 2022 was a busy year for Google [...]

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    Google turned up the heat in 2022, having more than ten major algorithm updates. A mix of core updates, several targeted at product reviews, a few more targeting spam and also introducing a new signal into the algorithm, called the helpful content update. There are over 200 factors within the algorithm, some carrying significant weight [...]

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    The Google search business is constantly evolving and this year was no exception. Quite the opposite, it was one of the most interesting years I'd ever seen. 2022 also closes out my first year working with Freestar publishers on SEO and other traffic growth strategies, which made it double-interesting. In certain cases, by the time [...]

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    At the beginning of every partnership, Freestar requests the new publisher sign a Comscore traffic assignment letter (TAL). The TAL is located in the publisher onboarding packet, and along with it, a brief explainer on what this is, and why we're asking you to sign it. Due to the increasing interest in this topic, that [...]

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    Somewhere on the Most Frequently Asked Questions By Publishers list is the question of blocked keywords. What keywords or phrases should be avoided in the content they publish so that CPMs aren’t lower than average? The list they’re asking for is usually customized to the brand, but even if I really searched and eventually found my [...]