• In keeping up with trends over the last couple of months, here’s a look at April from Freestar’s side and a few industry resources. Likely not a newsflash to anyone - April was particularly soft in average CPM and spend - but we did see some encouraging signs near the end of the month. From [...]

  • We are following up on our previous post ("We are all in this together") to give an update on how Q1 ended with a deep dive into both the supply and demand sides. We are just a few days into April, so it’s a bit early to tell exactly how the month will end up. [...]

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    A question that sometimes is discussed is whether first or second price auctions are better for selling ad inventory. A little bit of auction theory is necessary to understand why first price auctions are the best bet for network partners in the header. These results are proven rigorously elsewhere, here we state just what is [...]

  • Price floors have been around since the inception of programmatic advertising. Publishers and their ad operations teams put price floors in place to increase revenue for highly viewable inventory, increase competition between bidders, and help mitigate ad fraud. Using price floors to combat fraud, however, goes hand-in-hand with the long-held belief that ad fraud is perpetrated mostly [...]

  • Two weeks ago when several of the country’s largest advertisers pulled their budgets from YouTube due to being placed next to offensive content, it signaled a major turning point in the advertising industry. It’s no secret that for the past several years, Facebook and Google have been getting infinitely more powerful thanks to the countless publishers [...]