Conversion Rates Come First, That We All Agree On

You are great at selling products.  We are great at selling ads. Working with numerous e-commerce businesses, we have developed expertise thoughtfully weaving advertising into a product sales-first website to provide a profitable supplemental revenue stream.  We always take a collaborative approach that ensures your primary business model is always the top priority.  

Direct Sales With Premium Brands

Our PMP and direct sales team delivers unique demand that helps improve CPMs.  Through optimizations, ad placement recommendations, vendor vetting, and a deep understanding of digital success in the e-commerce space, Freestar has been the industry’s top digital partner for more than 400 publishers. Our scale allows us unique opportunities to leverage relationships with premium brands.

Your Ideal Ad Stack

Leveraging Ad Tech, Data Science, and unparalleled customer support, we provide you the resources to capitalize on the profitability of advertising while allowing you to focus on what you do best – deliver a seamless shopping journey with unique products. We simplify the increasingly complex challenges of advertising for e-commerce companies by providing the ideal mix of programmatic header bidding, private marketplace deals, and a proprietary unified analytics platform as a fully-managed service.

Ad Stack
Robust, unified dashboard with real-time metrics
Industry experts and machine learning to maximize your revenue
The Ideal Ad Stack tailored just for your account
An innovative and evolving suite of ad products
Lightweight, easy to install, with user experience in mind

Lightweight, Intelligent Advertising

The Industry Standard

We have developed a deep understanding of Header Bidding and have created our own proprietary code based on Prebid that streamlines implementation across partner sites.

Dynamic Price Floors

We set a minimum price floor for ad inventory in the open auction while enabling it to change in real-time to take as much advantage of your premium site real estate.

Server-Side Integrations

Server-side integrations bring additional auction pressure to maximize revenue while reducing weight on the browser, and the shopping experience.


You Are Looking for the Perfect Partner.
So Are We.

A successful partnership can only flourish when both parties are working toward the same goal. As a result, we are selective in who we work with and take pride in growing our business the right way with the right partners.    

We are committed to providing a world-class team that will tackle challenges with you every step of the way –- day, night, and weekends. But we can’t do it alone.  We expect our partners to openly communicate, recognize the inevitable ups and downs of the Ad Tech environment, and treat our team with respect and professionalism.

With this established trust, you’ll come to know the stability and peace of mind that comes with being a Freestar partner.

What Are You Waiting For?

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