Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 2

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Welcome to the Blood, Sweat and CPMs Podcast presented by Freestar.

Our hosts, Jeff Kudishevich and Andy Forwark are here to add levity and provide helpful pointers for anyone navigating the world of Ad Tech. Each episode, they will go through the top threads from the Ad Operations Subreddit and give their take on each hot topic of the week. They will also interview thought leaders across the industry to get their perspective on what matters most to them. Follow along on our Blog for show notes and associated links to each episode. Enjoy!

Episode 2

Marty Krátký-Katz (Blockthrough) on Ad Blocking | Pandemic Blues, Sales vs Ops and Rookie Trafficking Mistakes

In this episode of the Freestar Blood Sweat and CPMs podcast, Jeff and Andy go through ad operations subreddit threads about the effects of the pandemic on the digital advertising industry, how to navigate the “Sales versus Operations” dynamic, and revisit some old stories of trafficking mistakes they’ve made. They also interview Marty Krátký-Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockthrough about the origins of Blockthrough and respectful ad blocking, as well as ideas for how to improve government and politics.

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About Our Guest

Marty is co-founder and CEO at Blockthrough; they’re the market leader in respectful AdBlock monetization and are finalists for two AdExchanger Awards this year. Before founding Blockthrough in 2015, he was a founder at MicroMetrics, an award-winning SaaS company with a suite of products that help the world’s biggest hotel chains delight their guests. He was born on a Black Friday (adtech was HIS destiny!), and he speaks 5 languages fluently.

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