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Episode 18

Daniela Florio (Foursquare) on Team Synergy | Thoughts on Merging Challenges & Finishing Projects

In this episode, our host Jeff Kudishevich speaks with Head of Performance and Product Marketing at Foursquare, Daniela Florio about challenges around merging with a company in the early days of the pandemic, her strategy for creating synergy between teams that typically have friction, and what it truly means for a project to be “Done”.

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About Our Guests

Daniela Florio is a B2B marketing leader who has witnessed firsthand how data and technology can solve both existing and emerging challenges for brands. Daniela currently serves as the Head of Performance and Product Marketing at Foursquare, the leading location technology platform powered by a deep understanding of how people move throughout the world. In her role, Daniela oversees a dynamic team of marketers responsible for bringing Foursquare’s suite of products to life by designing go-to-market strategies that both delight customers and drive revenue. Prior to joining Foursquare, Daniela contributed to the success of multiple start-ups and large enterprises. Most recently, she introduced and developed the product marketing function at Integral Ad Science, a third-party verification company. She has also held positions at SheKnows, Undertone, and McKinsey & Company.

Find Daniela on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielaflorio/

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