Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 10

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Our hosts, Jeff Kudishevich and Andy Forwark are here to add levity and provide helpful pointers for anyone navigating the world of Ad Tech. Each episode, they will go through the top threads from the Ad Operations Subreddit and give their take on each hot topic of the week. They will also interview thought leaders across the industry to get their perspective on what matters most to them. Follow along on our Blog for show notes and associated links to each episode. Enjoy!

Episode 10

Krista Thomas (Amobee) on Marketing in the Age of COVID | Thoughts on ComScore, the risks of traffic buying, & browsing choices.

In this episode, Jeff and Andy discuss their personal browsing choices, the risks of traffic buying, and ComScore. Later in the episode, Jeff and Andy speak with Amobee’s SVP of Marketing, Krista Thomas about her work with AdTechCares and how marketing has shifted in the age of COVID. 

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About Our Guests

Krista is SVP Marketing for Amobee, an industry-leading and global advertising technology provider that is reinventing advertising for the converging world. There, Krista has grown and professionalized the Marketing discipline, established best practices in GTM readiness and training, and driven strategic and sales enablement alignment.  

In the age of Covid-19, Krista also helped create a series of playbooks to help advertisers adapt to “the great Covid brand reset” — an unprecedented opportunity to take or defend market share — as consumers ventured back out of doors.

Formerly, Krista was SVP Marketing for VideoAmp and VP Product Marketing, Mobile and Video for Rubicon Project.

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