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Doodle is the preferred scheduling tool for millions because of their ability to set up time with the people you need to in just a few clicks. Their Booking Page allows users to automate their schedule, so they can focus on the things that matter to them.

The Brief

Prior to Freestar, Doodle was monetizing their platform with Google Ad Manager and Index Exchange. Doodle was looking to restructure their internal ad ops team and prioritize their Engineering teams’ attention on their products. They knew their current ad ops solution couldn’t provide the level of support they needed to continue to scale their ad revenue while focusing their teams on the premium subscription business.

Doodle was looking for an ad management solution that included:

  • Technical Resources – Doodle’s Engineering team has other priorities and doesn’t have fully scaled ad ops capabilities. Doodle was looking for an ad ops solution that could provide technical support whenever required.
  • Industry Expertise – It was important to Doodle to have a partner that could help navigate the industry and strategize for changes or trends.
  • Increased Ad Revenue – Doodle underwent a rebrand that focused on user experience which reduced the number of ad slots on their website. They were looking for a solution that maximized ad revenue with reduced ad space.
  • Consolidated Billing and Reporting – Doodle’s Head of Ad Ops wanted to easily see their billing and pull reports without having to find them across different platforms and files.

“It’s very impressive to [Doodle] how Freestar is always there to react to any situation. If we write an email, we receive a quick response. If we need a new partner integrated, they’re added! It’s great to know that despite Freestar having many publishers, they’re always there when we need them.”

The Approach

After meeting with Freestar, Doodle moved forward with our web monetization solution. They were attracted to our full-service approach. The implementation process was much easier than what they had experienced with their previous solution. Our team was able to integrate their existing partners at a much quicker rate than their Engineering team could have.

Despite reducing inventory to prioritize UX, web monetization has been successful for Doodle. To maximize ad revenue and improve their ad operations, Freestar provided Doodle with:

  • Additional Demand Partners – A majority of Doodle’s user base is based in Western countries so they needed better demand geared towards the US and T1 countries in general.
  • More Ad Products – Freestar introduced new products such as our video player, Superflex and sticky pushdown (on mobile), and ad refresh.
  • Streamlined Billing – Doodle has access to our Dashboard where they can review payment details and payment history, and this includes adjustments made to their account and where their revenue is coming from (ex. video, PMP, programmatic, etc.).
  • Robust, Real-Time Reporting –Our Dashboard also provides Doodle the ability to monitor how well their ads are performing and create their own custom reports.
  • Yield Insights – Doodle works with a dedicated Yield Manager who analyzes their reports to provide key optimizations.



The Results

Since partnering with Freestar, Doodle has achieved an increase of 123.20% RPM YoY. This increase can be attributed to the implementation of new ad products, additional demand partners and changes made to the ads to optimize for performance. In one quarter, we were able to increase session RPM by 30% and CPM by $0.20.

Doodle works closely with their dedicated Account Manager and Yield Manager to strategize new ways to improve revenue and yield. One of Doodle’s favorite parts of our partnership is the speed they can get their ad ops issues/questions resolved. Previously, their Ad Ops team would have to submit a ticket to the Engineering team to add a new partner. With Freestar, it happens much quicker than before. Doodle also has the ability to easily communicate with us via Slack. Despite our time differences, our team is able to provide responses in a timely manner. If their team has a technical or industry-related question, our team of ad ops experts has an answer for them.

We asked Doodle what their advice would be for publishers looking into switching to Freestar. They said “Trust Freestar and get to know them more.” That’s exactly what Doodle did and now, Doodle knows we’re here if they need us.

Doodle Session RPM