DeepAI offers a suite of premium AI tools to enhance creativity. Their mission is to accelerate the world's transition to artificial intelligence. With the growing popularity of AI, DeepAI has millions of pageviews monthly. 

The Brief

Before Freestar, DeepAI was monetizing through AdSense. AdSense provided what they needed to get started, but they wanted to grow beyond what it offered. DeepAI was looking for a web monetization partner that could:

  • Improve Revenue – Having made limited revenue with AdSense, DeepAI wanted to see how far they could grow their revenue.
  • Provide Industry Expertise – They were new to ad monetization and needed a solution that guided them through the ins and outs of programmatic advertising.
  • Offer Hands-On Customer SupportThey were looking for a true partner that could provide technical support.

"It's been quite rewarding to work with Freestar. We can focus on what we do best at DeepAI and let Freestar handle the ad operations. With their tech and support, we've grown our ad revenue exponentially – making it our largest revenue generator for our business!" 

The Approach

Freestar was confident they could help surpass AdSense revenue, so DeepAI decided to move forward with our web monetization solution. The onboarding process was easy for DeepAI as Freestar's Onboarding team handled the implementation from the start. There was an optimization ramp-up period, and after a few days, Freestar's proprietary Ideal Ad Stack technology was beating what DeepAI was previously earning through AdSense.

DeepAI's Customer Success team also lowered ad refresh to 25 seconds, which helped increase impressions and revenue by implementing high-viewability ad units like video, adhesion, and sticky sidewalls.

The Results

Programmatic ad revenue has become DeepAI's most significant revenue stream for their business. Since working with Freestar, DeepAI has seen an increase of about 698% in revenue.

DeepAI can focus on growing its business while letting Freestar handle its ad operations. They were initially worried when making the switch but are thankful they took the leap of faith!