A non-profit company since its inception had recently changed its culture to accept advertising as a way to re-invest back into the organization to continue producing award-winning content.

The Brief

Al Jazeera was only utilizing AdX, a few Prebid partners and had several tagged based direct campaigns. Al Jazeera has several restrictions:
  • Small revenue operations team
  • Limited dedicated resources to ad tech

Due to these restrictions, any issue that would arise would be labor-intensive and therefore, all initiatives would be hindered by internal processes.

We turned our attention to improving these 3 key areas below:

  • Maximize revenue and CPMs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Expand partnerships

"Freestar has been instrumental in relieving the stress of the day-to-day management of our stack, allowing us to focus on larger strategic initiatives."

The Approach

Our team executed the following:

  • Utilize Dynamic Ads – Utilize Dynamic Ads to take advantage of the publisher’s long-form content without requiring any.
  • Implement a Floor Strategy – Inflate CPMs with floor rates without sacrificing fill rate. We tested and adjusted multiple floor rates based on seasonality to properly value the inventory and extract as much total yield as possible.
  • Enhance their Ad Stack – Previously, Al Jazeera was only utilizing AdX and was restricted from additional demand.
  • CMP Integration – Freestar played an instrumental role in Al Jazeera’s TCF 2.0 compliance and helped explain the specifics of what needed to be done. Having a CMP in place helped recoup over $20,000 in lost revenue from a previous partnership.
  • Prioritize Technical Issues – Freestar provided Al Jazeera with detailed, actionable feedback that has helped their team triage issues more efficiently and come to resolutions more rapidly. Our knowledge in the space has been critical in helping their organization prioritize revenue generating initiatives.



The Results

  • 30% of Ads are Dynamic Ads
  • 45% Increase in Page RPM
  • 74% of Revenue is Non-AdX Demand
  • 135% Increase in RPM as a Result of Additional Demand