Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 8

Welcome to the Blood, Sweat and CPMs Podcast presented by Freestar.

Our hosts, Jeff Kudishevich and Andy Forwark are here to add levity and provide helpful pointers for anyone navigating the world of Ad Tech. Each episode, they will go through the top threads from the Ad Operations Subreddit and give their take on each hot topic of the week. They will also interview thought leaders across the industry to get their perspective on what matters most to them. Follow along on our Blog for show notes and associated links to each episode. Enjoy!

Episode 8

Kerel Cooper & Erik Requidan (Minority Report Podcast) on Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace | Thoughts on AdTech, the State of Hiring, and BS in the Industry.

In this episode, Jeff and Andy give their two cents on how they feel about AdTech, the state of hiring, and calling out the “BS” in our industry. Later in the episode, Jeff and our producer, Paulo Bautista speak with Minority Report Podcast co-hosts, Kerel Cooper and Erik Requidan about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and actionable steps for companies to start making positive changes.

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About Our Guests

Kerel is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at LiveIntent. He currently leads the marketing team and works closely with sales, product, engineering, and customer success to create awareness and generate leads for key products and features. Kerel has 20 years of digital media experience building and leading Advertising Operations, Account Management, Partnerships & Product Marketing Teams.

Erik is the Founder and CEO of Media Tradecraft, a full service ad management and adtech firm and Principal at Tradecraft Advisory. Erik works directly with Publishers, brands, agencies, dsps, exchanges and ad technologies. He is widely regarded as one of the top programmatic experts in the country. He’s a frequent contributor to publications like Beet.TV, The Drum, AdAge, AdExchanger and Digiday, and collaborates with industry groups and associations like the IAB MIXX, AAF DC and AdExchanger Programmatic IO workshops.

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