Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 3

Welcome to the Blood, Sweat and CPMs Podcast presented by Freestar.

Our hosts, Jeff Kudishevich and Andy Forwark are here to add levity and provide helpful pointers for anyone navigating the world of Ad Tech. Each episode, they will go through the top threads from the Ad Operations Subreddit and give their take on each hot topic of the week. They will also interview thought leaders across the industry to get their perspective on what matters most to them. Follow along on our Blog for show notes and associated links to each episode. Enjoy!

Episode 3

Veronica Salcido (AdTalent) on Marketing Yourself in the AdTech Job Market | US DOJ vs Google, Dealing with IVT, and Being the Solo AdOps Person

In this episode of the Freestar Blood Sweat and CPMs podcast, Jeff and Andy go through ad operations subreddit threads about US Antitrust regulation targeting Google, how to deal with invalid traffic, and the struggles of being the only ad operations person at your company. They also talk to Veronica Salcido, Founder of AdTalent about the trends in adtech recruiting in the past few years and how job seekers can better market themselves.

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About Our Guest

Veronica has 15 years of recruiting experience in tech, with the last 10 being in adtech/martech. Through that work she has been through two career – IPO’s through acquisition. She was the Talent Lead at Adconion (which is now Amobee) and moved to the Bay Area to help build all of the revenue functions for TubeMogul (also now Adobe) through IPO. Over the last 5 years, Veronica has been leading her own Talent Agency, AdTalent, where she has been able to work both on advisory and placement of talent for tech start-ups in the space. When Veronica is not recruiting, she is an avid Mountaineer, Wilderness First Responder, and outdoor enthusiast. She has climbed 3 of the 7 highest summits of the world.  Her goal is to climb all 7, including Everest.

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