Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 12

Welcome to the Blood, Sweat and CPMs Podcast presented by Freestar.

Our hosts, Jeff Kudishevich and Andy Forwark are here to add levity and provide helpful pointers for anyone navigating the world of Ad Tech. Each episode, they will go through the top threads from the Ad Operations Subreddit and give their take on each hot topic of the week. They will also interview thought leaders across the industry to get their perspective on what matters most to them. Follow along on our Blog for show notes and associated links to each episode. Enjoy!

Episode 12

Kate Reinmiller (Ad Lightning) on Brand Safety & Start Ups | Thoughts on the Ad Tech Industry’s History & Future

In this episode, Jeff and Andy discuss the history, the future, and their confidence in the Ad Tech industry. Later in the episode, Jeff and Andy speak with Ad Lightning’s Co-Founder & CRO, Kate Reinmiller about all things fraud, brand safety, and being a part of a startup. 

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About Our Guests

Lara is a thought leader in digital media focused on development with humanity. Her experience comes from a 16-year career in the online industry that began with buying media at a start-up tech firm, After AOL purchased, she moved into the early stages of programmatic and built a team to operate all aspects of their RTB integrations.  She continued with programmatic through the inception of OATH, post Verizon purchase, where she formed a development team focused on optimizing the O&O Supply within Verizon Media’s internal SSP’s.  In 2020, she was able to get back to her start-up roots, bringing her experience to TripleLift running their client services organization with a focus on consultation and revenue growth. She is currently living in Maryland and is the proud mother of three children with her husband and their Covid puppy.

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