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    Header bidding is a programmatic advertising technique that has recently gained popularity. This process allows multiple demand partners to bid on the same inventory simultaneously, which can result in increased revenue for publishers. The two primary header bidding technologies, server-side and client-side, differ in terms of where the auction takes place and how the bids [...]

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    In programmatic advertising, setting a price floor is a common practice to ensure that ad inventory is sold at a fair price and to maximize revenue for publishers. But how do price floors work, and what are the benefits of using them? In this blog, we'll explore everything you need to know about price floors. [...]

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    In June 2021, Google began the process of deprecating its SPM program in favor of a new MCM program. The deprecation process was finalized last year and any publishers who were previously on SPM have since transitioned to MCM. This program was developed to give publishers more control and transparency into their ad monetization. [...]

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    “Do users even like video?” “Won’t it impact the user experience?” “What are my options for video?” These are just some of the questions we receive around implementing video ad formats. Before I answer those questions, let’s look at the stats: 91% of consumers want to see more online videos from brands in 2023 [...]