If you’re already running AMP (accelerated mobile pages) on your website, you might not be taking advantage of the Ads component to the furthest extent. The AMP Ads component allows a publisher to run ads on their AMP pages, however it limits you to just one network per ad slot. That likely means you will be resorting to only allowing AdSense or AdExchange compete for your inventory when you can expand your options by using AMP RTC, and if you’re not familiar,   let me introduce you. 

AMP RTC is a component made to extend the amount of demand that can compete for an ad slot on AMP pages. Similar to how header bidding works on websites, the RTC setup allows you to include up to 5 network partners to bid at the server level when a user visits your AMP page.

Freestar takes AMP RTC to the next level as we have been certified as an RTC vendor by the AMP community. The Freestar adapter is set to call our server to server endpoint so we can bring additional network demand (far past the 5 network limit) that would otherwise not be possible. This allows for all the networks to compete in real time as opposed to a waterfall through standard AMP RTC and apply more pressure to Ad Exchange to increase revenue. 

If you’re running AMP already through Freestar, reach out to your account manager for additional information on how to get AMP RTC set up on your site today! If you don’t work with Freestar yet and would like to learn more about this and additional monetization please email us here.