Every part of your website affects your ability to make money, which is why at Freestar we analyze, monitor and optimize every data point imaginable to see where there are opportunities for advertising. However, your website design is in your hands and its importance can’t be understated. It can dramatically affect your traffic, engagement, loyalty – and ultimately your revenue potential. There are many questions to ask yourself to determine whether your web design is helping or hurting your bottom line. Here are just a few.

Am I designing for my audience?

Is your web design geared toward target consumers or your own personal design preferences? If nothing else, keep in mind the importance of color. According to SiteSell.com, between 62% and 90% of a visitor’s assessment of your page is based on color alone! Sample facts they mention include:

  • Majority of women dislike earthy tones
  • Most men don’t like purple
  • Blue is a color used to cultivate trust
  • Black promotes feelings of luxury
  • Call-to-action buttons do best in bright, primary colors

Do I really need this much content on the page?

It’s fast becoming an industry standard to minimize the content and ads on a single page . In fact, a well-known study by Say Media found that consumers spend nearly twice as long on uncluttered pages with minimal ads (6.4 seconds compared to 3.2 seconds). That additional time spent can greatly increase your ability to monetize, especially with techniques like ad refreshing, so it’s worth it to rethink and simplify your page layout.

Does my content show I’m trustworthy?

In a study called Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, women were asked to search for health information online and report back on their experience. When noting the reasons for trusting or distrusting specific websites they came across, a staggering 94% of the reasons given were design related. If a site didn’t “look” reputable, the participant didn’t feel they could trust their content, and they simply left the site. Simple ways your website design can highlight credibility include:

  • Prominently feature testimonials, partners, certifications, awards
  • Show you’re active on social networks
  • Make it easy to contact or connect with you
  • Include an “About You” section or Create an FAQ section (if applicable)
  • Place current content up front

Is my website easy to navigate?

Poor navigation is one of the most cited reasons for high bounce rate. If users can’t find what they came for, they’ll leave. Make sure you’re providing a stellar experience. Here are three tips to start:

  • Don’t get creative with nav bar placement. Put it in a conventional location: horizontal on top of page
  • Don’t stick to typical labels like “products” or “services” if they don’t accurately describe your content. Prioritize accuracy instead
  • Let content volume dictate the nav bar. If your site has minimal content, use a minimal nav and vice versa