Web-based push notifications are messages sent to a user from a website to either their Android device or desktop browser. Readers must subscribe in order to receive the alerts and can easily unsubscribe at any time. The most basic push note strategy may include notifying users whenever a new article is published, but there are more advanced methods of using alerts for things like new product releases, abandoned cart reminders or to promote a marketing message.

For certain niches, push notifications have proven to be an excellent source for additional audiences. Niches that are time-sensitive, such as horoscopes, News, gaming, entertainment or sports tend to perform the best, but even publishers more evergreen in nature can have success with push notes. Once these custom messages appear on the user’s screen, inviting them to click to an article or landing page, you’ve engaged with them before they visit your website. There are many benefits for a brand to utilize these short and sweet alerts, let’s take a look.

Benefits of Push Notifications

1. Increased return visitors to your website

In a world where publishers-turned-influencers shifted their resources from blogs to Instagram, we believe there is more long-term value in continuing to focus on websites. Publishers own websites in a very different way than they do social media accounts and push notes drive people back to the site.

With intention and the right strategy, publishers can drive a large amount of incremental traffic with this audience. Because the user has to take action to subscribe, it tends to be a source of higher quality traffic. The user is genuinely interested in the brand or content type, or they wouldn’t have signed up. This leads to a higher conversions rate, longer time on site and more pages per session.

Invest in UX optimization to ensure that once the user goes from push note to website, they have a smooth experience. If they’re already a casual reader, have signed up for alerts, AND have a seamless experience on the site, you can easily turn them into a brand loyalist.

2. Added connection with your audience

You control when push notifications appear to your users, and they don’t have to be active on your website to receive. This gives you an opportunity to get to them at optimal moments of the customer journey.

The push note audience is similar to email, highly engaged and brand advocates. Scale distribution is immediate and can be automated while also being personalized to some degree.

3. Customizable communication

You can modify what content your readers receive based on both their own preferences as well as historical click behavior. Push note vendors allow users to opt-in and out of receiving certain content.

They can run from content feeds or manually create notifications to drop to the user at any time. And unlike SEO optimization, where the headline must include the search term, you’re free to get creative with your headlines here. You can turn the average headline into a more interesting teaser to increase click-through rate.

4. Increased brand recognition

Push note messaging can also be used to promote marketing strategies. Alert customers to giveaways, promotional material, press releases or your latest product release. There are plenty of ways to get creative with what you include!

– Remind people of your social media accounts
– Announce an updated About Page or new mission statement
– Link to your new podcast episode
– Newsletter subscription form

5. Increased revenue

There are several ways that push notifications can increase your website revenue. The first is from ad revenue received from the additional traffic. This will be key, as many of the best vendors have a cost associated. If this is the only way you plan to drive incremental revenue from these alerts, you’ll want to make sure the total made from ads exceeds the cost of the service. In almost all cases we’ve experienced, it does prove favorable to the publisher.

Another option is to use the push note real estate for ad copy to promote your direct sponsors or campaigns. There is a headline field, and short description — both can be used for advertising messages.

Web push notifications can be an effective strategy for audience development, consider trying it out this year!