Amazon’s pending price hike stirs debate among media owners | Digiday

On May 1,  Amazon Publisher Services increased TAM buyer fees to 2.5%. The article discusses the price hike of Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform) which has stirred a debate among media owners. Amazon has informed its advertisers of an impending price increase for its DSP, which could result in a 20-30% cost increase for media buyers. While some media owners are concerned about the price hike, others believe that Amazon’s DSP is still worth the cost due to its strong data and targeting capabilities. However, there are also concerns that the price increase could lead to more competition in the programmatic advertising space, which could negatively impact smaller players in the industry.

Vice is said to be headed for bankruptcy | Editor & Publisher

The article reports that Vice Media is in danger of bankruptcy, citing anonymous sources. The company has faced financial difficulties, including declining revenue and a failed pivot to video. Despite receiving a $250 million investment from private equity firm, Vice has continued to struggle, and its future remains uncertain. The article suggests that Vice may be forced to declare bankruptcy, although the company has not yet made any official announcements.

The Trade Desk Strikes Deal With Measurement Firm Attain | Business Insider

The article reports that advertising technology company The Trade Desk has struck a deal with measurement firm Attain to improve ad campaign measurement and optimization. The partnership will integrate Attain’s measurement tools into The Trade Desk’s platform, allowing advertisers to track the effectiveness of their ad campaigns in real-time. The article notes that the move comes as advertisers are increasingly seeking better measurement and targeting capabilities in their digital advertising campaigns. The partnership is expected to benefit both companies, as well as their clients, by providing more accurate and actionable data for ad campaign optimization.

Cadent To Acquire EMX’s SSP Tech In Bankruptcy Auction | AdExchanger

The article reports that TV ad tech firm Cadent has won a bankruptcy auction to acquire EMX, a supply-side platform (SSP) technology provider. The acquisition will allow Cadent to expand its offering to include programmatic buying and selling of digital media. The article notes that the move comes as the TV advertising industry continues to shift towards digital, and as demand for programmatic ad buying and selling tools continues to grow. The acquisition is expected to benefit both companies, as well as their clients, by providing more comprehensive and integrated solutions for digital advertising.