A year on, The Trade Desk’s Open Path is moving toward its goals, but challenges persist | Digiday

The Trade Desk’s OpenAP initiative has made progress towards its goals over the past year, but challenges remain. OpenAP aims to streamline the buying and selling of TV advertising by providing a common language and measurement framework across networks. While OpenAP has attracted more partners and improved its technology, challenges include the need for more transparency and standardization around data, as well as competition from other industry initiatives. Despite these challenges, OpenAP remains committed to its mission of driving the growth of advanced TV advertising.

Hear directly from Freestar’s CEO, Kurt Donnell in this article.

Why retail media will be the third and biggest wave of digital advertising | Insider Intelligence 

Retail media advertising, which allows advertisers to reach shoppers while they are browsing or purchasing online, is predicted to become the third-largest wave of digital advertising after search and social media. The growth of e-commerce has made retail media more appealing to brands looking to reach consumers where they are shopping, and retailers are investing in building their own ad platforms. As the competition for ad dollars heats up, retail media is expected to become a more significant part of the advertising landscape, with industry experts predicting it could reach $45 billion in spending by 2025. However, there are concerns about the need for transparency and the potential for retailers to use their first-party data to gain an unfair advantage over competitors.

Venatus Acquires Browser Game Ad Tech Business AdinPlay | VideoWeek

Venatus, a digital advertising company specializing in gaming and entertainment, has acquired ad tech firm AdinPlay to expand its capabilities in the browser game advertising space. AdinPlay’s technology allows advertisers to place in-game ads that are seamlessly integrated with the game content, leading to higher engagement rates. The acquisition will enable Venatus to offer a broader range of advertising solutions to its clients, particularly in the rapidly growing market of browser games. The move is part of Venatus’ strategy to expand its global reach and grow its share of the gaming advertising market, which is expected to reach $15 billion by 2025.

Silicon Valley Bank is being shut down today by regulators | TechCrunch

Silicon Valley Bank, a fintech bank that serves the tech and startup industries, has been shut down by regulators. The bank had been experiencing financial difficulties and had failed to meet regulatory requirements, leading to the decision to close it down. Silicon Valley Bank’s customers will have their deposits transferred to other banks, and the bank’s assets and liabilities will be sold off to repay its creditors. The closure of Silicon Valley Bank is a blow to the fintech sector, which had seen the bank as a key partner and supporter of innovation and growth in the industry. It is also a reminder of the risks inherent in the fintech space, where companies operate in a rapidly changing environment with complex regulatory requirements.