Google and Microsoft’s chatbots are already citing one another in a misinformation shitshow | The Verge

The article discusses the potential danger of AI chatbots launched by Big Tech companies, such as Microsoft and Google, to the web’s information ecosystem. The author provides an example of Microsoft’s Bing chatbot incorrectly citing a news article that claims Google’s Bard chatbot has been shut down, which is not true. The author argues that this is an early sign of AI misinformation, in which chatbots are unable to distinguish reliable news sources and misreport on their own capabilities. This could potentially lead to the spread of false information and mistrust across the web. The article suggests that companies prioritize safety over market share when launching such chatbots.

Google’s ad-tech antitrust suit headed for federal courtroom next March | Seeking Alpha

Google’s antitrust lawsuit regarding its ad technology is set to be heard in federal court in March 2024. Google and the DOJ had proposed extending pretrial work through July 2024, with Google arguing for more time for discovery due to a long head start on the DOJ’s part, but that overture was rejected. The Justice Dept. and eight states filed suit against Google in January, accusing the company of violating the antitrust Sherman Act and calling for a breakup of the ad-tech business.

TikTok CEO Defends App to Congress—What Brands Need to Know | AdAge 

The article discusses the potential ban of TikTok by the US government due to security concerns, and how it may affect brands that are using the platform for advertising. The author notes that the talks of a ban have not yet resulted in any concrete action, but brands should be prepared for the possibility. The article suggests that brands should diversify their advertising efforts across multiple platforms to mitigate the impact of a TikTok ban. Additionally, the author advises brands to keep a close eye on the situation and be ready to pivot their strategies if necessary.