Amid a dearth of ad tech M&A, LiveRamp fielded inbound inquiries over a potential sale | Digiday

The article discusses the recent surge in inquiries received by LiveRamp, a prominent ad tech company, regarding a potential sale. The ad tech industry has experienced a shortage of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, which has led to increased interest in LiveRamp as a potential acquisition target. The company has reportedly received inbound inquiries from various parties looking to explore a potential deal. The article highlights the growing demand for ad tech companies in the market and the potential opportunities for LiveRamp in light of this interest.v

The Trade Desk Wants to Be the App Store for Ad Tech | AdWeek

The article discusses The Trade Desk’s ambition to become the “App Store” for ad tech. The Trade Desk, a leading demand-side platform (DSP), aims to create a marketplace where advertisers can access and integrate various ad tech solutions seamlessly. By offering a centralized platform for ad tech, The Trade Desk intends to simplify the process for advertisers and provide them with a wide range of options to optimize their campaigns. The company envisions creating an ecosystem where developers can build and distribute their ad tech products, expanding the capabilities available to advertisers. The Trade Desk’s goal is to establish itself as a hub for ad tech innovation and streamline the ad buying process for marketers.

Microsoft Is Deprioritizing Third-Party Ad Tech Amid Reorgs And Layoffs | AdExchanger

The article discusses Microsoft’s decision to de-prioritize third-party ad tech as part of organizational restructuring and layoffs. The company is shifting its focus away from third-party advertising technology solutions and reallocating resources towards other areas of its business. This strategic shift includes a reduction in staff and a reorganization of teams involved in ad tech. Microsoft’s decision reflects a changing landscape in the ad tech industry and its intention to concentrate on core business priorities. The company will continue to support its first-party advertising technology solutions, while scaling back its involvement with third-party ad tech offerings.

MediaMath and Viant are in talks to potentially join forces | Digiday

According to the article, MediaMath and Viant are currently in talks to explore the possibility of merging their operations. MediaMath is a renowned advertising technology company, while Viant is a provider of data-based advertising solutions. The potential partnership aims to combine their respective strengths and create a more robust offering in the media buying industry. The discussions between the two companies are ongoing, and if successful, the merger could lead to a significant impact on the advertising and media-buying landscape.