Tremor International Group Rebrands as Nexxen | Yahoo Finance

Tremor International Ltd., a global leader in data-driven video and Connected TV (CTV) advertising technology, has announced the rebranding of its products and platforms as Nexxen. The new unified brand encompasses the company’s strategic growth pillars, including Amobee and Tremor Video as demand-side platforms (DSP), Unruly as a supply-side platform (SSP), and Spearad as the CTV ad server. These business units will now operate under the names Nexxen DSP, Nexxen SSP, and Nexxen Ad Server, with Nexxen CTRL representing the collective offerings of the SSP and Ad Server. Nexxen aims to provide a cohesive video- and CTV-focused platform that optimizes the campaign lifecycle by leveraging advanced data, including automatic content recognition (ACR) data. The platform addresses industry challenges, reduces waste, and maximizes media spend and revenue across premium content and targeted audiences. With the integration of Amobee, brands, agencies, and media companies can utilize Nexxen for discovery, planning, activation, measurement, and optimization across different screens and platforms. The rebranding reflects the company’s commitment to delivering value through technology, data, and services that cater to the specific needs of its partners. Nexxen aims to drive superior outcomes by offering advanced audience discovery, cross-platform capabilities, unique data sets including ACR, and dynamic data-driven creative solutions.

Google Ad business faces breakup after being charged with EU antitrust violations | Search Engine Land

The article discusses the potential breakup of Google Ads as a result of ongoing antitrust investigations by the European Union (EU). The EU has been investigating Google’s advertising practices and dominance in the online advertising market. The investigation focuses on whether Google gives preferential treatment to its own services and hinders competition. If found guilty, the EU could force Google to separate its ad tech business from its search engine, effectively breaking up Google Ads. This move aims to promote fair competition in the online advertising industry and provide a level playing field for other ad tech companies. The potential breakup could have significant implications for Google’s advertising business and the digital advertising landscape as a whole. However, it is important to note that as of the article’s publication, no formal decision or outcome of the investigation has been announced.

Cleaning Up Programmatic: Sharethrough, First Ad Exchange to Automatically Remove High-Carbon and Made-for-Advertising Sites | Sharethrough

The article discusses Sharethrough, an advertising exchange platform, becoming the first ad exchange to automatically remove high-carbon and “made for advertising” sites from its programmatic inventory. Sharethrough’s decision is driven by the goal of promoting sustainability and addressing the issue of high carbon emissions associated with certain websites. By excluding high-carbon sites, which often rely on excessive ad placements and heavy tracking scripts, Sharethrough aims to reduce the environmental impact of online advertising. Additionally, the company is taking steps to remove websites that primarily exist solely for advertising purposes, as they provide limited value to users. Sharethrough’s move reflects a growing industry trend towards more sustainable and ethical advertising practices.

Criteo Rolls Out An SSP Just For Commerce Media | AdExchanger

The article discusses Criteo’s launch of a supply-side platform (SSP) specifically designed for commerce media. Criteo, a digital advertising company, aims to enhance its capabilities in the retail and e-commerce space by offering an SSP tailored to the unique needs of commerce-related advertising. The platform aims to provide a seamless and efficient solution for publishers, allowing them to monetize their commerce-focused inventory more effectively. By leveraging its extensive retail data and technology expertise, Criteo intends to deliver improved performance, targeting, and revenue opportunities for publishers operating in the commerce media landscape. The launch of this specialized SSP reflects Criteo’s commitment to serving the evolving needs of the retail and e-commerce advertising ecosystem.