What is a direct deal?

In the context of ad tech (advertising technology), a direct deal refers to a specific type of advertising transaction that occurs directly between an advertiser and a publisher using pre-negotiated terms. 

There are various ways to buy and sell ad inventory in the digital advertising ecosystem. Programmatic advertising, for example, involves the automated buying and selling of ad impressions through real-time bidding (RTB) platforms. However, the parties negotiate and establish a direct relationship in a direct deal.

Direct deals in ad tech typically involve a direct negotiation between an advertiser (or their media agency) and a publisher. They agree on specific terms such as ad placement, ad formats, targeting criteria, pricing, and campaign duration. For some deals, the publisher reserves a specific portion of their ad inventory for the advertiser, ensuring that the agreed-upon ads will be displayed in the specified locations on the publisher’s website or app.

What are the advantages of direct deals?

Direct deals offer several benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Premium Ad Placements: Direct deals allow advertisers to secure premium ad inventory on high-quality websites or apps. This ensures that their ads are displayed in desirable placements and environments, which can enhance brand image and visibility.
  2. Targeted Audiences: Direct deals enable advertisers to target specific audiences more effectively. Publishers can provide detailed audience data, such as demographics or user behavior insights, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns and reach the desired target audience with precision.
  3. Control and Customization: Direct deals provide greater control over the ad campaign. Advertisers can work closely with publishers to customize ad formats, placements, and creative elements to align with their marketing goals and brand guidelines. This level of control improves campaign performance and brand consistency and ensures that ads are presented in a manner that resonates with the intended audience.
  4. Transparency: With direct deals, advertisers can understand where their ads are displayed and can ensure brand safety. They can directly review and approve publisher websites or apps to ensure all inventory both aligns with brand goals and is relevant for campaigns. 
  5. Relationship Building: Direct deals foster stronger relationships between advertisers and publishers. This collaboration allows for better communication, feedback, and optimization opportunities. Advertisers can provide feedback on performance, request adjustments, and negotiate pricing or terms directly with the publisher, leading to more efficient campaigns.
  6. Potentially Lower Costs: CPMs can be reduced by eliminating intermediaries and running campaigns directly with publishers. With Freestar, there are no additional fees or trafficking fees that are typically associated with intermediaries.
  7. Exclusivity and Exclusiveness: Direct deals can offer brands exclusive access to specific ad placements on a publisher’s platform. This exclusivity can help advertisers stand out from competitors, access unique inventory, and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

While direct deals offer these benefits, it’s important to note that they may require additional time and effort for negotiation, coordination, and campaign management. Advertisers and publishers should consider their specific goals, resources, and priorities to determine if direct deals are the most suitable approach for their advertising strategies.

How do we support direct deals?

At Freestar, our direct sales team is sourcing deals with brands and agencies through outreach efforts and referrals from our publisher network. In addition, we vet and negotiate inquiries from brands and agencies looking for direct deals.  

Here’s what publishers can expect from Freestar:

  • Consider us an extension of your Sales team. We’ll negotiate contracts, complete RFPs, and upsell on your behalf.
  • Let us handle the ad operations. Once the deal is closed, we’ll handle trafficking setup, audience targeting, and delivery.
  • Manage client services. Managing expectations and collecting creatives can be a time-consuming process. We take that off your hands.
  • Our Audience Development team creates customized audiences. Advertisers can reach the user they’re looking for through our advanced audience targeting capabilities.
  • See the data in our dashboard. No campaign is complete without reporting. Publishers can view data for direct deals in their Freestar dashboard.
  • We prioritize brand safety. We go above and beyond to ensure a brand-safe digital environment for both users and advertisers. 

As an ad monetization partner, Freestar ensures our publishers make the most revenue for each impression. All dollars earned through our direct deals are incremental to revenue earned in the open market. It’s important to know that any advertising publishers referred to us will have direct deals prioritized on their site. If you’re an existing Freestar publisher, sign up now for direct deals.

If you’re new to Freestar, you can get started today by completing this form. Once you’re a Freestar publisher, our team can help you with your direct deals.