By: Laura Gaffney, SVP of Business Development & Marketing

Preparing You for MCM

As a Freestar publisher leveraging Freestar’s AdX, you are active via a Google Scaled Partner Manager (SPM) account. Starting on Sept. 30, Google is phasing out SPM and replacing it with Multiple Customer Management (MCM). Since last year Google has been rolling out a beta version of MCM to select publisher partners. Some of the goals with MCM are to simplify the Ad Manager experience and provide support for Programmatic Direct deals, Preferred deals, and Programmatic Guaranteed deals.

By the end of September, any publisher that monetizes non-owned and operated inventory in Ad Manager through a channel partner like Freestar, will be required to use MCM.

Freestar will be managing this Google change and supporting you in the process so it should be relatively easy from your perspective. 

Here is how the process will work:

If you do not already have a Google Ad Manager account that you own, Freestar will send you an invitation for Google Ad Manager to start the process to get one set up. Once you receive the email, you will accept the invitation and send us your new network code. If you already have a Google Ad Manager account, you can just send us your network ID.

Once we have your network ID, Freestar will submit your site to be approved for MCM. The approval process usually takes 1-3 days. Once you are approved, we can add your new Google Ad Manager network ID to our configuration and you will then be monetizing through MCM without having to change any code on your page.

As always, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you have additional questions.