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Referral Program

Refer a Friend

Love Freestar and want to share us with your friends and make extra cash? Referring is easy and you can earn up to $10,000!

Here’s How It Works

Once the referred publisher is live with Freestar, you’ll receive a one-time payout based on the size of the publisher*.

Payout for <7.5M impressions/ month
Payout >7.5M impressions/month to 15M impressions/month
Payout for >15M impressions to 30M impressions/month
Payout for >30M impressions/month

We appreciate our publishers sharing their positive experiences working with Freestar and we want you to benefit from helping us continue to grow. Refer as many publishers as you like, with no limitations. Your endorsement goes a lot further than any sales pitch, so we thank you for your continued support!

Subject to terms and conditions in the Referral Agreement.
*Assumes a minimum of three ads per page.
For questions or concerns, please reach out to marketing@freestar.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a Freestar publisher?2022-12-09T17:07:49-05:00

Freestar accepts publishers of all sizes and categories, but typically we require publishers to have a minimum of 1,000,000 pageviews monthly.

How do you make publishers more money and how do your payments work?2022-12-09T17:05:50-05:00

We help publishers make more money through optimizations including flooring algorithms, real-time segmented reporting, demand connections, and our consultative approach, just to name a few.

For payments, we streamline the revenue collection process by sending you a single payment from all demand sources on time every time.

What’s the onboarding and implementation process like?2022-12-09T17:06:05-05:00

Our onboarding process, from kick-off call to launch, takes approximately three to six weeks. Publishers are partnered with an onboarding manager to get their site ready to test, fully optimized, and ready to launch.

Our code is lightweight and easy to install. We do the heavy lifting in terms of demand approvals, ad operations, and QA testing. All that is required of our App Developers is to implement our lightweight SDK.

Can I block categories or specific advertisers?2023-04-03T15:36:13-05:00

Yes, you can block categories and specific advertisers. Freestar offers several blocklist options to our publishers.

Do I receive technical support?2022-12-09T17:06:38-05:00

Yes! The Freestar team is comprised of skilled developers and technical analysts working alongside your dedicated account manager to resolve any issues as they arise. Freestar also offers bespoke consultancy to suit your specific business needs surrounding AMP and Prebid development and monetization strategy.

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