Your Ideal Ad Stack

Leveraging our class-leading technology and unparalleled yield expertise, we tailor the Ideal Ad Stack for each of our partners to maximize revenue on every device.  Our custom approach integrates the perfect mix of client-side and server-side demand partners, ensuring your site’s monetization is optimized without unneeded latency.  A simple copy and paste of our code into the head and body of your site allows our expert team of ad tech engineers to handle all development and data science work on our end so you never have to think about ad code again.

Ad Stack
Robust, unified dashboard with real-time metrics
Industry experts and machine learning to maximize your revenue
The ideal ad stack tailored just for your account
An innovative and evolving suite of ad products
Lightweight, easy to install, with user experience in mind

Yield Management

The industry’s best yield experts will continuously be working to optimize your site’s revenue with new products and demand sources.


Our team improves viewability through new ad products, optimized ad layouts, and implementing dynamic ads.

Ad Recovery

We recover ads that were previously blocked by in-browser ad blocking software utilizing several different compliant technologies.

A/B Testing

To help ensure the best performance for our publishers, we use experimental A/B testing for ad units, demand partners, and optimizations.

Flex Size Placements

Just like our proprietary SuperFlex unit, our products ensure greater competition and, in turn, produces higher CPMs and revenue. 

Best-In-Class Dashboard

Real-time revenue reporting with demand source monitoring, advanced reporting, and automated emails straight to your inbox whenever you need them.

Cutting-Edge Ad Products

Optimizing your website has never been easier with our suite of ad products implemented and vetted by our expert team of yield managers. 

No Matter The Size Of Your Team, We Have The Solution

Flying Solo

No team, no problem.  We offer world-class resources and expertise so you can operate at an enterprise level in no time.  Our 60+ person team of monetization experts will take care of everything so you can rest assured that you are reaching your true revenue potential. 

A Full Roster

Whether your business is big or small,
it can seem like there is always a lack of Ad Tech resources available. Let us be your force multiplier. Our team will act as a seamless extension of yours to maximize revenue on every page.


You Are Looking for the Perfect Partner.
So Are We.

A successful partnership can only flourish when both parties are working toward the same goal. As a result, we are selective in who we work with and take pride in growing our business the right way with the right partners.    

We are committed to providing a world-class team that will tackle challenges with you every step of the way –- day, night, and weekends. But we can’t do it alone.  We expect our partners to openly communicate, recognize the inevitable ups and downs of the Ad Tech environment, and treat our team with respect and professionalism.

With this established trust, you’ll come to know the stability and peace of mind that comes with being a Freestar partner.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get in touch with one of our sales representatives and we’ll get back to you in no time at all!