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The Brief

F1i was already generating a good amount of ad revenue from the Web but needed to improve on mobile experience. Mobile wasn’t performing as well compared to Web. F1i wanted to see if it was possible to improve on their revenue from AMP and get more out of their ad inventory so they asked Freestar to help.

  • Optimization of AMP pages
  • Implement AMP monetization strategy
  • Increase display ad revenue
  • Increase eCPM

"Having Freestar on board as our revenue optimisation partner has benefited F1i.com thanks to their exceptional knowledge of AMP monetization. With over 75% of our users accessing our website through mobile, Freestar lead the way in optimizing our AMP monetization through their AMP technologies. We’ve been able to significantly increase our eCPM with the optimization in effect, which opened F1i.com to further revenue opportunities."

Arthur Caraccio

Digital Marketing Manager, F1i.com

The Approach

Our team executed the following:

  • First we complete a comprehensive audit of the site and its code. This helps us understand common problems and easy fixes such as Ad placement optimisation and if there are any AMP validation errors.
  • We highlight what needs to be fixed so that the code is Google compliant and performs as expected.
  • We then analyze historical data to find patterns in areas that we can improve upon such as which ad units that are performing as expected versus those which are underperforming.
  • Our experience with AMP allows us to quickly identify fixes and suggest ways in which we can optimize the Ad stack to deliver far better results.
  • We improve upon the user experience that had direct and indirect implications for speed, ranking ability and reducing bounce rates.

Armed with this information we formulate a custom strategy tailor-built for F1i to improve on a vast number of metrics. We then consult and help implement these recommendations with the F1i development team to ensure everything is installed correctly.


The Results

  • 2.5X Higher eCPM
  • 492% Revenue Increase
  • Optimized ad placements
  • Traffic Increase from Higher Rankings in Google
  • AMP Revenue Surpassed Web Revenue