By Saad Bennani, Business Development Representative

What is a Blocklist?

Fundamentally, a Blocklist is a collection of websites, apps, or brands publishers do not want appearing on their website. Publishers have a responsibility to their online community, and blocklists can help prevent any unwanted ads from appearing on their website. Freestar has the knowledge and expertise to help curate site-specific blocklists by category and brand.

 Who can benefit from using Blocklists?

We work with a number of ad-sensitive publishers that prioritize the content and quality of ads our partners deliver across their apps, websites, and e-commerce sites. Whether that’s blocking your competitors from advertising where your customers shop, or keeping adult-targeted ads from populating on a website geared towards kids – Freestar has the quality control to safeguard brand safety, all while ensuring monetization opportunities are not lost. 

How do Blocklists work?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has created a universal system for organizing online content in a systematic manner, allowing for continuity across the web. This taxonomy gives publishers the ability to differentiate their content into categories specific to them – a full list of these categories can be found here

Freestar has the ability to create custom blocklists that can go beyond the first layer of IAB categorization. For example, instead of blocking the entire ‘Sports’ layer, a publisher can block any ads that are specific to ‘Boxing’ or ‘Game & Fish’. We also have the ability to get even more granular by blocking specific domains and URLs at the publisher’s discretion.  

On the occasion a ‘bad’ ad gets through, our ‘Report This Ad’ feature allows a user to provide real-time feedback on any ads they encounter that might not be a great fit for the website. The data is pushed to our dashboard where our QA teams take quick and decisive action. 

Freestar works with AdBlock partners who are focused on delivering better ad experiences, and keeping up to date with ad-blocking trends around the world. Our dedicated account managers are always ready to work with your team to find a tailored solution that fits your needs best! If you have any questions,  please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager or email us here