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App Developers

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Our modern approach to app monetization couples an unbiased, universal auction and smart-fetch tech. This increases your revenue and eCPM significantly, but also reduces ad delivery latency. The traditional waterfall setup is an antiqued approach to monetization, limiting your true revenue potential, and causing discrepancies with each “hop” you take.

Each of our mediation partners has the same look at your inventory, allowing the highest bid to win at the end of the auction. This democratized approach has a laser-focus on what we care about most: maximizing your revenue and freeing up your time.

A True All-In-One Solution

Our app mediation platform is delivered via a single unbiased SDK powered by our proprietary tech that allows a SDK mediated waterfall to compete with real-time bidders.  With support for nearly every ad format and platform, a unified reporting dashboard and dedicated yield management, we provide the most complete app solution in the business. Say goodbye to unfilled impressions, hunting down payments from various partners, and adding unnecessary weight with several SDKs.  


Ad Formats

Pick from a wide array of ad formats like full-screen interstitials, and pre-roll. You don’t need several vendors to provide the formats you want – we have you covered.

Unified Reporting

Our business is built on data. Your team will only need one dashboard to get a snapshot – or a deep dive – into your real-time performance. Manage your payments while you’re at it.


Our SDK integrates demand from multiple SDKs you would usually have to integrate individually, providing you one, lightweight option that rolls a complete demand solution into a single easy to install SDK that works across Android, iOS and other major platforms.

No Matter The Size Of Your Team, We Have The Solution

Independent Developer

You worked hard to build a great app to attract an audience. We want to help you reap the benefits of all that hard work. You iterate on releases, while we handle the advertising headaches.

App Development Studio

You’ve amassed a portfolio of apps, streamlined content creation, and driven engagement and installs. Our tech and talent act  as an extension of your business and take your revenue to the next level.

Competitive and Complete

Our SDK provides you the most complete demand stack in the industry and offers nearly every in-app ad product. At our size and scale, we are also able to secure incredibly favorable terms which we pass along to our partners. The flexibility to run advertising from a wide range of partners in numerous formats allows complete control to build your ideal in-app advertising solution. 

You Are Looking for the Perfect Partner.
So Are We.

A successful partnership can only flourish when both parties are working toward the same goal. As a result, we are selective in who we work with and take pride in growing our business the right way with the right partners.    

We are committed to providing a world-class team that will tackle challenges with you every step of the way –- day, night, and weekends. But we can’t do it alone.  We expect our partners to openly communicate, recognize the inevitable ups and downs of the Ad Tech environment, and treat our team with respect and professionalism.

With this established trust, you’ll come to know the stability and peace of mind that comes with being a Freestar partner.

Are You Ready To Monetize Your App?

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