Server-Side Demand

Get access to premium demand partners through Freestar.

What to Expect From Your Demand Ad Stack

01. Access a Variety Demand Partners

We have relationships with over 30 advertising partners and our own server-to-server demand ensures top advertising partners are bidding on your inventory.

06. Direct Deals

One key part of a great monetization strategy is having access to great demand partners. We can assist you with your direct deals and monitor their performance.

05. Ad Quality Monitoring

All Freestar publisher relationships benefit from our integrated ad quality protection to reduce the threat of ad-malware or other unwanted ads on your site. We work with ad quality partners to ensure the ads on your site are safe for your users.

02. Receive Better Revshares

Leverage Freestar's scale and industry relationships for better revshare.

03. A Team of Experts

With Freestar, you have a reliable partner that adapts to industry changes and ready to address any risks or issues. 

04. Seamless Integrations

Our server-side integrations bring additional auction pressure to maximize revenue while reducing weight on the browser, and the shopping experience.

Built-In Integrations to Maximize Your Revenue

Standard Integrations

Prebid Auction
Amazon TAM
Google Open Bidding

The Freestar Exchange

Access to Freestar's top tier programmatic demand
Improved supply path optimization for more publisher revenue


Providing publishers with top DSP partnerships to maximize ROI.

Don't just take out word for it. Our publishers share their challenges and how we helped them overcome it.


What are the requirements for connecting to certain Demand partners?

Each demand partner varies in their requirements. We highly recommend getting in touch with our team to learn more. During the onboarding process, our specialists will able to tell you more.

What ad formats are supported by the various Demand partners?

Each demand partner is different – some specialize in native or video or some do it all.

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