Unbiased, Automated, Unified

Freestar’s app mediation platform gives you the power to maximize ad revenue while freeing up time to focus on what you do best — build great app experiences. Our white-glove service brings a team of Ad Tech experts to your business without the in-house overhead. Our SDK is lightweight, demand agnostic, and leverages our proprietary auction technology maximizing the value of every impression.

Out With The Old

In the waterfall model, publishers have to rely on historical revenue data. Over time, this negatively affects eCPMs as ad networks don’t have to compete with each other in real-time.

In With The New

We’ve created an enhanced unified auction that alleviates revenue loss seen in traditional waterfall models. Our universal auction reduces latency and increases eCPM by 20-30%.

Each network has a chance to win in a way that increases competition and ultimately maximizes the value of each impression.

Benefits Of Freestar’s SDK

Universal Auction

Our automated auction dynamics replace the traditional waterfall, diminish operational overhead, and increase eCPM by 20-30%.

Streamlined Accounting

We streamline the revenue collection process by sending you a single payment from all demand sources on time every time.

Unified Reporting

We provide a one-stop shop for performance across your apps and demand partners in a unified dashboard.

Flexible Demand

We customize and build the ideal ad stack for your app by utilizing the perfect set of demand sources.

Smart Fetch Technology

We reduce latency by storing ads in the background, so they are ready to deliver based on your business rules.

All Video Ad Formats

Rewarded Video, Interstitial Video, Pre-Roll – we do it all when it comes to your video monetization needs.

White Glove Service

We bring a team of Ad Tech experts to your business that are focused on increasing your ad revenue. Our team lives and breathes Ad Tech and brings that knowledge to yield optimization, engineering support and account management.

Ease of Implementation

Implementing the Freestar SDK is simple and takes care of all your demand needs. Plus, our support engineers are on standby if you have any questions.

Supported Mobile App Ad Formats

Rewarded Video

Rewarded video is a popular ad format where users are incentivized for watching a video ad. Rewards can be in the form of a prize, virtual currency, or anything else the developer can provide in the context of their app that users would like to receive.


This ad product is offered in two different dimensions: 320×50 and 300×250. This is a standard ad format that can fit seamlessly within your app’s user experience.

Full-Screen Interstitial

Interstitial display ads appear full-screen during a content break within the app. Since these ads fill the screen, they are one of the most engaging in-app display ads.


Pre-roll videos play before, during, or after video content within the app’s native video player. This ad format is popular among publishers that offer video content within their app.

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