Our Talent

We May Be A Tech Company, But Our Priority Is People

Buzzwords are great, but talent is what matters. We’ve amassed a group of industry all-stars from some of the most well-known companies in the business who work tirelessly to engineer, test, and optimize on your behalf.  From dedicated yield and account managers to public and private Slack channels to regular comprehensive business reviews, our fully U.S.-based team provides the best customer service in the business.

Our Team

Kurt Donnell
President and CEO
David Freedman
Prem Purayil
Chief Technology Officer
Laura Gaffney
SVP, Business Development & Marketing
Jeff Kudishevich
SVP, Operations
Manny Balbin
VP, Analytics and Optimization
Matt Burgess
VP, Revenue Operations
Christina Fiasconaro
VP, Business Development
Jaxon Merrill
VP, Product Management
Anthony Losanno
VP, Advertising Sales
Christy Rosensteel
General Counsel and Director of People Operations
Kevin Stone
Accounting & Finance Manager
Andy Forwark
Product Manager
Sharmin Rahman
Senior Director, Yield Management
Antonio Minuta
Director, Publisher Development
Alysha Dino
Director, Publisher Development
Rocky Nayak
Director, Business Development
Alex Cook
Director, Software Engineering
Eric D’Elia
Director, App Monetization
Lauren Goveo
Director, Marketing and Public Relations
Jess Werner
Director, Account Management
Kyle Peluso
Director, Publisher Support
Andrew Beehler
Director, Yield Management
Stephanie Mullay
Senior Yield Manager
Vijay Pudukkudi
Principal Engineer
Dean Chang
Senior Mobile Engineer
Katrina Cepeda
Senior Account Manager
Sheila Aielli
Senior Account Manager
Michael Winte
Manager, Publisher Support
Kevin Kawai
Senior Android Engineer
Shannon McCabe
Senior Publisher Development Manager
Jim Rogers
Senior Staff Engineer
Nic Gallardo
Senior Software Developer
Anthony Greco III
Senior Software Engineer
Carrie Landers
Senior Publisher Support Manager
Lev Trubov
Senior iOS Engineer
Devon Snooks-Cox
Account Manager
Oliver Renusson
Yield Analyst
Ruben Gallegos
Software Engineer
Dominique Meara
Account Manager
Theodore Wergin
Software Engineer
Caroline Romano
Marketing Manager
Cooper Merkow
Publisher Development Manager
Shaina Lam
Revenue Operations Manager
Alyssa Pagoria
Account Manager
Alex Ten Eyck
Publisher Support Manager
Liana Notini
Revenue Operations Manager
Matt Marshburn
Associate Account Manager
Everest Xu
Business Operations Analyst
Vince Rose
Software Engineer
Judy Noh
Publisher Support Manager
Kelly Diedrich
Yield Manager
Brian Weiss
Yield Manager
Sam McCaffrey
Data Engineer
Connie Shieh
Publisher Support Manager
Matt Hanline
Publisher Support Engineer
Jonah Weiss
Sales Development Representative
Tommy Oliver
Publisher Support Engineer
Grant Nelson
Associate Manager, Revenue Operations
Adam King
Business Development Representative
Luke Bartel
Software Engineer
Christopher Stark

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