November Employee of the Month

Each month Freestar selects an Employee of the Month and we are proud to honor Christy Rosensteel as the November 2020 honoree! 

Christy is General Counsel and Vice President of People Operations and has worked at Freestar for just under a year.

Christy truly lives the Freestar value of “Above and Beyond” and “We Not Me” with patience and attentiveness to the entire Freestar team. Christy is always welcoming towards our employees at any hour of the day with a smile on her face. Christy’s attention to detail and passion for an all-inclusive workspace leads Freestar in the best direction for a bright future. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the impeccable work she does for our company! 

Some Fun Facts About Christy:

Favorite activity outside of work: Hiking!

Favorite Holiday: Probably Christmas

Recently Binge-Watched: Ted Lasso

Go-to Karaoke Tune: probably Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer or U2 With or Without You

Favorite Comfort Food: Christmas sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles (just made them this weekend)

Best thing about working at Freestar: AMAZING humans to work with every day!

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