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Phoenix Business Journal

Phoenix Online Ad Company Expecting Big Things After Investment

Freestar and its co-founders David Freedman and Chris Stark were prominently profiled in a full-length article on The article detailed Freestar’s unique expertise, rapid growth, and plans to further expand the company with new hires in 2017.

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AdTech Daily

Why Data Science is So Important for Today’s Digital Publisher

Data science – it’s without a doubt a buzzword in today’s digital publishing world. Until recently though, it was something associated with only a handful of large publishers: Hearst and The New York Times to name a few. For some time, these behemoth publishers have been investing resources into developing robust data science departments to inform their content strategies and fuel their digital advertising revenue.

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Tech AZ

Meet David Freedman

Freestar co-founder David Freedman was featured on the popular tech blog TechAZ. He discussed his background, how Freestar was created, and how the company is helping hundreds of websites see unprecedented results.

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Insiders Predict What’s Next After Shock-Waves In Digital Ad Arena

Freestar's VP of Marketing, Jen Cherniske, was quoted in an article in Forbes about the current advertising landscape and what’s in store for brands and online publishers. She noted that the smaller niche publishers Freestar works with currently have an edge in the market.

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