Freestar In The Press

Freestar Press Release
Celebrating our recent wins as new April Comscore, Inc. rankings release, our dream team continues to add exceptional talent and we build meaningful relationships with some incredible new partners.

“Freestar’s momentum has continued to accelerate since its inception in 2015, being named No. 1 on Inc. 5000 in 2019 and consistently climbing the Comscore rankings, most recently reaching the #17 position in unique visitors and #14 in total pageviews…”

Ad Monster’s Podcast
Our SVP of Business Development, Laura Gaffney discusses some of the steps we are taking to fight bad ads with our great partners at Ad Lightning on the latest podcast with AdMonsters.

“I grabbed AdLightning CEO and Founder Scott Moore and Freestar SVP of Business Development Laura Gaffney to talk about the latest malvertising schemes; how publishers can protect users; whether there’s any relief from scummy mask ads that are even testing Google’s limits; and if there’s a slippery slope if a pub lets a few bad ads in…”

Blog/LinkedIn Posts

Freestar Supports The Black Community – LinkedIn
“Today is incredibly difficult for all of us in America. There is no “business as usual” blueprint for days like today. We are horrified by the continued mistreatment of the Black community in America and it pains us to know so many people are hurting so badly… “

A Look Into April – Jeff Kudishevich
“In keeping up with trends over the last couple of months, here’s a look at April from Freestar’s side and a few industry resources. Likely not a newsflash to anyone – April was particularly soft in average CPM and spend – but we did see some encouraging signs near the end of the month…”

Managing A Remote Team – Jeff Kudishevich
“When I started at Freestar, we had a really small staff and nearly everyone worked out of a physical office. There were only two people on my team, so we all did a little bit of everything. The business was small but growing, and a lot of my time was spent on building the foundations of our process..”

Employee Of The Month Shoutout
“As Freestar continues to grow in size and strength, we created a monthly blog series highlighting a different member of the Freestar dream team. This month, we would like to introduce our May Employee Of The Month, the one who ensures our clients continue to get paid accurately and on time, Kevin Stone…”

New Hires

Anthony Losanno
VP, Advertising Sales
Freestar is ecstatic to welcome Anthony Losanno, our new VP, Advertising Sales to the team. He brings 15+ years of experience in digital media sales, marketing, and leading teams at notable companies like Brut. and Future (Purch) and we are so excited to have him start building relationships for Freestar.

Joe Hickey
Business Development Associate
Joe has joined the Phoenix office as Freestar’s new Business Development Associate! Joe will be assisting our Business Development team with all things sales, contracts, and operations to ensure the team runs seamlessly and we are so fortunate to have him as part of our family!  

Liana Notini
Revenue Operations Manager
Freestar is thrilled to announce our newest member of the Revenue Operations team, Liana Notini! Liana spent the last two years managing publisher partnerships, including Freestar, and growing revenue at Sharethrough and we are lucky that she joined our team to do the same for our publishers!

Brian Weiss
Yield Manager
We are thrilled to be expanding our all-star Yield Team with another incredible hire, Brian Weiss. Brian has over 12 years of experience in AdOps, sales, and revenue operations from notable companies like, and he has already done some incredible work in his short time here at Freestar!

Connie Shieh
Publisher Operations Manager
We are so excited to welcome our new Publisher Operations Manager and ad ops veteran, Connie Shieh, who has 11+ years of experience having worked at companies like Amazon, Arnet, and Yelp. We are so lucky to have Connie as part of the family!

Guest Speakers

We have introduced a new speaker series at Freestar. Every month we bring in a different guest speaker, some in our industry, and some that are not, to talk about their journey and what it has taken for them to become successful in their eyes.

In this month’s series, our team had the honor of connecting with Hank Baskett, the former NFL wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, with a focus on adaptability.

Hank opened with metaphors tied to the field, took us through his personal journey of trials and triumphs, and closed by answering questions from the team.

Key Takeaways: “Either catch the ball or drop the ball, you’ll get hit either way”. What you do with your life is your decision alone, but at the end of the day, the actions you take and the respect you hold for yourself and others will define the depths of your overall success and your overall happiness. If you’re going to play the game, play for the touchdown.