Laura Gaffney

Chief Growth Officer

Laura serves as the Chief Growth Officer at Freestar, heading up the business development team and overseeing the organization’s efforts to drive new business and create new revenue paths to success. Laura was previously at Prohaska Consulting where she led the Global PubDev and TechDev teams and oversaw business development.

Laura has also been VP of Supply at Smaato, a global mobile RTB ad exchange and SVP Media at programmatic video company Unruly where she managed a global team responsible for media acquisition, planning and operations. She built a media publisher network for NetShelter Technology from scratch to become the largest technology publisher network across the globe.

Laura has held a variety of roles in digital media and publishing at both large media organizations and in the world of start-ups. She brings experience of numerous ad tech solutions including SaaS, Video, Mobile, Programmatic, RTB, Social and CMS platforms to the Freestar team.

Originally from the UK, Laura fell in love with the West Coast as a free-spirited teenager and has lived and worked in California for many years and is currently enjoying life amongst the vineyards in Napa Valley.