As Freestar continues to grow in size and strength, we’ve decided to start a monthly blog series highlighting a different member of the Freestar dream team.

This month, we would like to introduce our May Employee Of The Month, the one who ensures our clients continue to get paid accurately and on time, Kevin Stone!

Do you have a nickname, or a name you HATE being called?

Most people call me ‘Red’, but as a small kid, when I was bullied by older kids, they use to call me Fireball.

Official Title?

Accounting & Finance Manager.

What Office do you work in? If remote, where are you logging in from?


What team are you a part of?


Who was your last employer?

Genuine Concepts.

What was your role at your last job?

Financial and Operations Strategy, along with all things Accounting and Finance.

What attracted you to Freestar?

The business model was new and unique to me, which I found fascinating; I have been apart of the start-up culture, which I have been missing; but most importantly the people. I love to be around smart people, and I saw that immediately upon my arrival and speaking with everyone here at Freestar.

How many years have you been in Finance?

5 years.

Time to brag! What is something you are proud of that you have accomplished in your career (or life) thus far?

I graduated with a BA, MA and MBA debt free, self-financed.

If you have just joined us, what are you most looking forward to at Freestar?

Building relationships with both internal and external stakeholders (and of course improving profit margins).

What does a typical day at on the job look like for you?

Spreadsheets, formulas and a lot of network/publisher research.

What are your hopes for our industry?

For the industry as a whole to continue evolving, but am interested in how the regulatory component unfolds by state and federally.

Where are you from?

Chico, California, but also San Diego.

When you’re not working, what are you doing? Hobbies/interests? Hidden Talents?

Golf, golf and more golf; I also enjoying working out, cycling, rowing or getting in a hike on Camelback or Piesta Peak.

Dream vacation?

5-day cattle drive from the mountains to the Idaho to valley.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, she is part english bulldog, part boxer and 100% spoiled brat.

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Potatoes. I’d make gnocchi, mashed potatoes, vodka, french fries, chips, lots of variety!

What is one thing you wish you could do? Or one talent that you wish you had?

Speak another language.

What is one thing you cannot live without and why?

Ability to workout/being active, this provides me the time to decompress and reflect on the day.

Favorite piece of advice or “life quote” you’ve heard or given?

“Don’t blow out some else’s candle to make yours shine brighter” – My Dad.