December Employee of the Month

Each month Freestar selects an Employee of the Month and we are proud to recognize Alyssa Pagoria as the December 2020 honoree! 

Alyssa is an Account Manager and started working at Freestar in August of 2020.

Alyssa has contributed a lot to Freestar in just her first few months! Alyssa has been a true extension to our partners. She is extremely attentive and reliable when it comes to their needs and has proven to be a breath of fresh air to their day-to-day. Those “Publisher First” attributes, along with Alyssa’s general awesomeness, contributed to Freestar celebrating her as our December 2020 Employee of the Month!

Some Fun Facts About Alyssa:

Recently binge watched: Schitt’s Creek

Most used emoji: Smiling/crying emoji

Favorite lunch to pick up: Jimmy Johns – Turkey Tom, with cheese and oregano

Go-to karaoke tune: something by Celine Dion or Evanescence

Favorite dessert: S’Mores

Best thing about working at Freestar: The amazing people you get to work with!

Congratulations, Alyssa, on being selected as Freestar’s December Employee of the Month!

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