Thoughts on Ad Products, Ad Tech Talent and Industry Secrets
Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 9
We speak with Verizon Media’s VP, Global Partnerships, Mike Petrella about his leadership strategy and the merging of big-name competing companies.
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, the State of Hiring and BS in the Industry
Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 8
We speak with Minority Report Podcast co-hosts, Kerel Cooper and Erik Requidan about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace…
Advertising vs. AdTech, Protecting Your Site and Content Syndication
Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 7
We talk to Matt Hogg, Vice President of Publisher Partnerships at Criteo about career development and professional growth.
Contextual Targeting, Optimizing Your Wrappers, and Weird Ads
Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 4
We talk to Chris Hunter, Head of Global Strategy & Business Development at IBM Watson Advertising about his career and how to pay your success forward.
US DOJ vs Google, Dealing with IVT, and Being the Solo AdOps Person
Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 3
We talk to Veronica Salcido, Founder of AdTalent about the trends in adtech recruiting and how job seekers can better market themselves.
Pandemic Blues, Sales vs Ops and Rookie Trafficking Mistakes
Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 2
We interview Marty Krátký-Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockthrough about the origins of Blockthrough and respectful ad blocking…
Resource Heavy Ads and Where Did the Money Go?
Blood, Sweat & CPMs Podcast: Episode 1
We interview Ashley Wheeler, Vice President of Seller Accounts about her philosophy on customer success in the ad tech industry…
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